Posted on: August 12, 2010 1:24 pm

Reds and Cards Kick it Out Like "Lil Bitches"

In response to all the Cardinal fans spewing nonsense after that pathetic excuse for a fight.....

Still reliving '85 in your nightmares, Cardinal fans?  (a lil bitch that goes by the screen name, "wainwright" in particular...)  "wainwright", you fit right in with the rest of the lil bitches.  Thanks for giving me someone to root for, because I think I just became a Cincy fan.  The "lil bitches" haven't had a lick of class since Stan the Man retired.  Probably the last time they had any classy fans, too.  I know they certainly are graceless, obnoxious assholes when they visit Kaufman.  All hail the Queens of the Lil Bitches, aka Carpenter, LaRussa, Molina and now........."wainright"!  

p.s.  I'm well aware of the Royal's place in the standings, "wainright".  But at least the Royals are a class act, which makes those lil Cardinal bitches and their arrogant asshole fans like you the real joke.  And you keep making my point for me again and again.  I hope Adam Wainright never finds out a lil bitch like you is using his name.  He'll slap the hell out of your lil bitch ass.      
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Posted on: July 27, 2010 9:49 am

1 - 19...........Ouch

With who we must consider to be our best pitcher on the mound last night, we let the nearly popless Twins feel like they were the '27 Yankees.  We may as well have been pitching beachballs as baseballs.  You're welcome, Twinks.  And his own high standards having an off year by barely cracking .300 vs. the rest of the league, is probably hitting about .900 against the Royals.  What the hell, I suppose if we can't be a winning baseball operation, we can at least get our warm and fuzzies by making our opponents feel like baseball gods.  Hey, no need to thank us Twinks, just cutting out the the box scores for our scrapbooks is thanks enough.  But don't get big heads, because matchups against legitimate major league ball clubs, with legitimate major league rosters are on tap the moment you leave KC.  Just remain calm and professional and thank your lucky stars for the unbalanced schedule and for having the best AA team in the major leagues in your home division.
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Posted on: June 27, 2010 12:40 pm

USA Got Outhustled

The title says it all.  The USA World Cup team phoned it in on Saturday and the final outcome matched the effort.  We defended the pass, while Ghana defended the ball.  Repeatedly, Ghana used it's raw speed to stop the ball and turn those stops into effective attacks.  The USA on the other hand waited for the ball to come to them.  For example, nearly every one of our offensive attacks began after gaining the ball deep in our own territory.  Ghana, on the other hand, started their attacks as the result of on ball defensive plays already in our territory.  That's why their goals seemingly came out of nowhere.  And speaking of attacks, why did we run everything up the middle, time and time again.  Ghana was more effective because they mounted attacks up the middle and from both wings.  They mixed it up.  The spread the pitch,  isolated over matched defenders and moved athe ball, always a step ahead of those defenders.  The USA, by coming up the gut everytime, allowed Ghana to bunch their defenders, sometimes effectively defending two or more players at a time, always leaving a player or two wide for the quick outlet after a steal.  At the end of the day, we were schooled.  It's nothing to be ashamed of, but we must learn from it.  We must learn to play a more worldly game.  We may be a global superpower, but in soccer, we're still a third world country.            
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